Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Yes I have updated and redesigned my website - Matelles-Art is no more - it's all about me, me, me. My website now shows my artwork in an easy to follow format (I hope) and links directly with this blog, which effectively works as a page within the blog. I decided to leave the blog on blogger rather than move it within the site, for no particular reason other than I don't think losing the built in google stuff on this blog would be that sensible. But I hope the site is more useful than it was before. No t shirts for sale via the site - not enough sold to make it worthwhile. But every picture is for sale unless I have already sold it (or as in one or two instances, painted over it). Anyway I hope you like it. Tell your friends!

As for painting, it has been so cold in the atelier that I haven't done much. Started a painting which is sitting staring at me as I type -  but more to do on it. In case you are interested this is what it looks like now:
Work in progress...
Another flower painting, so far it's spray paint and ink. I imagine they'll be some other things added shortly. One of the things I intend to put on thew site is a video of me painting. I know someone else did this and I found it fascinating -  I probably won't be that fascinating, but I will learn the art of editing. Another idea is the process of an iPad painting - one of the iPad painting programmes I use allows you to record the process which I think I will be able to upload. Once I've worked that out. Anyway, it's all fun.

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