Wednesday, 7 December 2011

More flowers - and blog title website title re-think

I've been doing more flower painting. This time I have developed the picture slightly differently , layering an abstract background with spray paint, oil sticks and acrylics, before creating the flower image with oils/sticks. Also another one more like the others which I can't stick online yet as it's a present for someone, and I can't send it yet because bloody oil takes so long to dry! I don't actually think this photo does this painting any favours - I can't seem to quite reproduce digitally the richness of the colours.

Flowers in tall blue vase

In the meantime I have been rethinking this whole "Matelles-Art" thing. My gallery has gone, and I do very little in the way of giclée printing for others now, so perhaps I should just be "David Abse". A bit radical, I know. I have started the process on the website - if you go to, or you get to the same place - I'm going to redesign the site and remove all matelles-art mentions. Eventually I'll drop the matelles-art name altogether. Mind you I've got a stamp and a banner and a couple of t shirts with it on... so maybe not completely... In the meantime I have no idea how you change the name of a blog like this one hosted by blogger. I don't want to lose the history on here, the traffic is pretty good.

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