Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Painting on Paper

I had a dream recently about doing a massive painting on a huge roll of paper. It was a large abstract. I subsequently bought a roll I can paint on, but then looked around my little space I am using and realised I didn't have the room to do a painting like that, so it remains within my head. I did buy some smaller paper for painting on though, and here are some of my most recent efforts:
Don't Want Much 
Red Stairwell

Baby did a bad bad thing

So Far Away

Tell the king the news
They are all mixed media on acrylic paper, 42x29.7cm.

These should all be appearing shortly on the Artwork100 website where they will be for sale for £100 (including post and packing) - A bargain, if I ever saw one.

Purple cat can see well in the dark

In other news Purple Cat's adventures continue on his website, and all sorts of new products are available there: not just T shirts but mugs, phone covers and even pants.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Life and Adventures of Purple Cat

Purple Cat has now got his own website at http://www.purplecat.co.nf . Take a look and keep up with his adventures there!

And you can buy a Purple Cat T shirt from MySoti!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Visitors and the Purple Cat

This is a little picture I made whist painting other things. It's only 27x36cm. It fits in with my aliens work, even though the big painting I am working on at the moment has more to do with landscapes than aliens. I've stopped fore the day with the bigger picture on wood unfinished, because it's no good as it stands. It reminds me a bit of a painting I did about 2 years ago but it still needs work. This little one though has benefited from being left for a while and having some colour added to it.


I am still working on my iPad Purple Cat series. 28 drawings so far, and I'm not finished by a long way. Here's a couple to give you a taste.

Purple Cat likes to eat out in resaurants

Purple Cat in a Yellow Submarine