Monday, 19 December 2016


I've lived with pain for a long time. A lot of people do - they have all sorts of physical problems that you can't necessarily see. It's hard to know who is suffering with what.  Who knows who is working and living with what. We don't often talk about it. I guess I do more than others - well, I do when it's bad. Currently, as I said in the previous blog, I'm suffering from Parsonage Turner Syndrome, which means I have constant shoulder pain, and the muscles in my write arm are bit-by-bit withering down, which means it's tiring, and painful, using my right hand/arm. Including typing this. And including anything that involves any precision, as I am ridiculously right-handed. And yes that includes drawing and painting.

It's not helped by the carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow I have too. It's kind of comical in some ways.  It means I pop too many (prescription) pills (Oh yeah, I'm diabetic too...) and some days it all becomes a bit much. So this painting took longer than many: I can only paint in short bursts and am trying to use my left hand some of the time. Anyway, guess what? I've called it "Pain".

Mixed Media on Canvas