Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Last year I send off some pictures to a show in Rochester New York called "6x6". the show was a fundraiser for the taller in Rochester New York. They accept images from artists all over the world that are 6x6 inches, and then sell them for 20$ a piece, with the artist's name on the back, so no one can see who their painting is by. So you could get a 6 inch painting by a famous artist or by a 5 year old or by me, even. Gratifyingly, the six pieces I sent in all sold. And the person who bought at least one of them turned out to be a writer and sent me their book, which was nice of them (they find out who you are AFTER they've parted with their 20 bucks!). Anyway, I never scanned or photographed what I sent, but just found them on the web on the 6x6 site - which I was looking at thinking about doing the same this year. Any way - here are my six entries from last year that I've just downloaded - hey, I still own the copyright!

To see more about this go to the 6x6 site at: