Thursday, 4 June 2015

Getting Better, Back Pain is Strictly for the Birds

I had my back operated on exactly a month ago, and have slowly been reducing the pain meds. Straight after it was awful, and in addition to the drugs I had a nurse coming every day for 10 days giving me cortisone shots in my arse. Things are getting better now, and I am walking around (mainly with a stick to help me not fall over). In the last few days I have stopped taking the diazepam - it was pretty ok at the beginning being off my head with drugs whilst avoiding the pain, but the time came to finish - I wanted my brain back. I'd like to start painting but, my "studio" - space on top floor - is unusable because whilst I was lying flat on my back downstairs we had insulation put in, and all my stuff has been moved around. I unfortunately need help moving things around to let me paint again - unless I want to end up back in hospital. My wife has promised to help, but she's a busy lady.

In the meantime all I can show you is some crazy drugged up bird drawings I did on my iPad whilst lying on the sofa - the last one, as you can see was when I was at my most drugged up: