Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Painting again - unfinished

After my recent operation painting was at first difficult because sitting down was hard - and with my current lack of studio and thus painting in my bedroom status, it's the only way I can paint. Which I guess accounts for the calmer paintings in some ways. In my studio I would dance around whilst painting (I know - nobody wants to see that). But before the operation I bought some ply wood from Castorama to experiment with. It's cheaper than canvas, and I like the idea after looking at some of Howard Hodgkin's works on wood at the Tate. So here it is - not finished I think.  I prepped the wood before the op, so it has been waiting for me for some time - a blank piece of wood the other side of the room. Now not so blank. I have masked off the outside of the sheet of ply to leave a natural wood frame. Anyway, not finished I think. But this is what I have now:
Over There
Yeah I think it needs some work when I see it here. So no doubt will change. Not sure it fits together properly at the moment - not sure about the blue area on the left, or the bottom black area with symbols. Well at least I am painting, and unusually showing unfinished work. Am less happy with the frame area than I imagined - partly because the grain only goes one way which means it doesn't look right. I think it's exactly the wrong size. Should have been larger or smaller. This is just too noncommittal. We'll see.

Friday, 7 December 2012

It's my birthday - again. Seems to come around a lot.

Today is my birthday. 54 today. Shortly I will be getting drunk so I forget how old I am getting. A couple of weeks ago I had an operation which also made me feel old, and physically made it difficult to paint, so that explains the recent lack of posts. And painting. Also hard to sit on an ordinary chair for long periods. But let's not go there. What I have done is some more iPad pics of digital animals - so here are some of them - enjoy:
Cat on Rollerskates

Hippo on Skateboard

Cats in boxes


Levitating Donkey