Thursday, 20 February 2020


Sitting in my studio with my paintings all around me, usually left out to dry - oil paintings take several months to dry completely - I often find myself looking at some of my work and thinking "that's not quite right..." So sometimes I pick them up and do some additional work on them. This ranges from minor changes, a bit of varnish here and there, a refreshment of something that looks dull to painting over the whole damn thing! So at the moment I am working on one very large painting intending in the end to represent the Merthyr Rising in some way or another, whilst at the same time a portrait of African revolutionary Thomas Sankara ("Africa's Ché") and at the same time repainting and adjusting some older works - the portrait I did recently of William Davidson -which needs a lot more work, the portrait of Robert Owen that I did a couple of months ago - minor changes to enhance and improve, and the portrait of Elaine Brown I "finished" a while back. I've pretty much finished with the latter two, so here's what they look like now:

Elaine Brown

Robert Owen

And here's what Thomas Sankara looks like at the moment. Finished?? Who knows...