Saturday, 10 December 2011

Different flower styles

Yeah I'm still on my flower kick. I blame the oil paints. And the flowers. It was either flowers or biscuits, and I decided to eat the biscuits and paint the flowers. What can I say?

Anyway two paintings to show off today - the way I am working at the moment is that there are more than one painting going on at the same time - it's these oils see - take so long to dry and it can be really frustrating waiting rather than painting - so 2 or 3 at the same time. As it happens it means that more than one can be finished more or less at the same time. Here are two, very different, flower paintings: One is some pinky/red flowers in a white vase - a bit less overflowing bouquet-wise than some of the previous paintings. The second painting is an imitation fauvist/Matisse effort. Why not? I love fauvism - I love Matisse and Dufy especially. I love the colours, the outlines and the deceptive simplicity of the images. Anyway here are my efforts. You may notice that I've slightly re-designed the blog template allowing me to show bigger versions of pictures - a good thing I think!

Red flowers, white vase

Fauvist flowers

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