Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Portrait model needed!!

I am looking for someone to model for me for a portrait - I thought I'd have a crack at the 2012 Portrait award this year. Sorry I can't pay, but I will happily give whoever models a giclée print of the painting. 
What's required of you: I reckon two sessions will do it - first one will be for I guess 3 hours one afternoon where I will start with sketches, photos and outline on canvas, second one a week or so later to follow up, finish off things I'm not sure about...
I don't mind where - I have a studio in Les Matelles, just north of Montpellier, and can travel an hour or so, or you can come to my freezing studio and be provided with as much coffee as you can drink. Any volunteers? I need to start in the next couple of weeks...
Let's see have I got a portrait I can post that'll encourage you... No. All I've got is this shit pastel self portrait I did a few months ago.
No Golf Allowed

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