Saturday, 28 January 2012

Layer upon layer

I've spent the last week working on two paintings. Very different sizes: one 80x80cm and the other oily 27x22 cm. The first a canvas bought from my normal supplier, the second a piece of vintage canvas board given to me by my neighbour - she picked up two of them for 1€ at a market a while back. I used the first one for the "Flowers for Shakespeare" painting. Anyway, in both cases I started off with the intention of producing something abstract, but have ended up with two flower paintings - as you can see. To be honest I started the bigger one with spray painting only, and really should have stopped at that point (or at least photographed it so you could see what I mean) because I think what I did really worked at that point. Then I added some oil stick and it ruined it. Then I tried to add some acrylic, thickly painted and dripped. And that wasn't any good either. Next I tried some more oil sticks and paint, and tried scraping. But no. So I picked up the spray paints and started again. And then some more oil - and here we are:
Red flowers through the vortex 
The smaller painting wasn't quite so tortuous: I painted a series of abstract shapes and colours in oil, and then started scraping away with a palette knifeL: but also didn't like the result: too boring. So whilst having a go at the above painted the flowers over the top using oil sticks. There you go.
Flowers through the window

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