Thursday, 8 March 2012

Whaddya think of it so far?

Sometimes (if I'm honest, quite a lot of the time) when you are painting you aren't sure about what you are doing. Later on, when you have developed a sufficient distance in time you can take a look back and decide whether things worked as you hoped or not. So half way through a painting it's very hard. Sometimes I think I make a mistake by painting on when I should stop. Sometimes I should just give up altogether and start again. Sometimes I carry on and it works. Sometimes it looks ok and like it might get somewhere, but I am just not sure what I need to do next. This is one of those cases. I have combined an unidentified nude female figure on the left with a much more difficult to identify jumble of shapes and colours on the right. Again this is about identity, beauty and the beast, and other things - marks on a flat surface that make shapes. So that a few blue lines painted on the left make a female form, but what do the marks on the right make? DoI stop? Do I carry on? Do I start again? I think I will have to put this to one side and come back some time later. I think i feel the same about my "Cave Painting" too - the more I see it in my studio, the less happy I am with it. I feel like I am at a turning point with my pictures right now, but not sure what's next.


  1. More boobies. Thats what sells.

    More seriously I think it looks good, but interestingly I would not see it in our rather dark setting especially in a north-east winter. It comes across to me as a painting very much of southern europe. I think it might be the blue


  2. I love paintings that make me smile