Monday, 13 June 2011

Animaux at Matelles-Art

On returning to Les Matelles, I had to collect my unsold animal pictures from Gignac. When I say "unsold" I mean all apart from one - this not being the most successful of exhibitions for either myself or Cherryl. So I took a look at the Matelles-Art gallery and thought "why not take away the clocks and the paintings and the giclée prints and have an animals exhibition here?" Apart from the ridiculous percentage charge the gallery owner makes (100%) I could see no reason, so I have now set up my gallery with my new "Animaux" exhibition - and it even includes a few new animals that weren't at Gignac or Lodève. I'm not having a vernissage here, but just making a few posters and opening my doors. So, all welcome!

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