Sunday, 5 August 2012

The madcap laughs

I decided I must prevaricate a bit less and must pick up a pen/brush etc today. So I started with a drawing of my daughter's new horse, Gump.. She was happy with it, and it caused my wife to repeat her entreaties for me to try and earn my living doing horse portraits. *sigh*

Then I picked up a watercolour pad and did some ink painting. A landscape (Pic Saint Loup Again), and then a thing which is called "A woman's love of her horse" and finally an abstract thing (I can see a camel wearing a baseball cap backwards through a window). Well these are all ok I guess.
Pic and Hortus
A woman and her love for a horse

camel hat
But during all this I was (as usual) listening to music. Suddenly Syd Barrett came on and for some reason this made me pick up my iPad. I'm much happier with these.


Wolf Pack

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