Thursday, 23 August 2012

I am a complete idiot

I often submit my work for competitions and opens and things. Paintings, drawings and stuff. I don't think I have the systems for it though. Maybe I ought to be more organised. Perhaps I should update my database or something. As I may have mentioned in an old post, earlier this year I got a painting accepted for an exhibition in London related to the Olympics. Stupidly, though, the painting I had submitted was enormous (180x120cm) and was going to cost me over 200€ to send. So I gave it a miss. Why I sent that one in I have no idea. I guess i assumed it wouldn't be selected. Now I have had four pictures accepted for an exhibition in Cheshire. Yay! Except ... er...which ones exactly? I haven't got a clue. I am hoping that my brain was vaguely in gear  (optimist) and I submitted teeny-tiny ones, or ones on paper or something intelligent like that - but since I didn't bloody write down which ones anywhere and the whole thing was done on an on-line form.... I'm kind of screwed. I have had to email them and admit my stupidity and say "Thank you. But which pics exactly?" To be slightly fairer to me (but only slightly, I really am an idiot) I get rejected so often I guess it doesn't feel worth writing them down (aaaaah), and considering I submitted four pictures the last thing I expected was for all of them to be accepted. In my most optimistic mood I would have imagined them writing back to me and saying
"we have accepted picture "a" and picture "b" but not....." So let me re-iterate. 

Meanwhile here are some more iPad pics I have done in the last couple of days. Actually I am hoping it's a set of iPad pics that I submitted. Easy to transport.



Justin Beaver
And the lovely people at the Electric Picture House have emailed me and I can see the good news: All iPad pics!! Yay!!

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