Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Salagou, and iPad paintings

Took a trip up to Lac du Salagou this morning to a quiet spot where the dog is allowed to play and swim. She loves water so much, and the weather is so hot it seems cruel to deprive her of opportunities to swim. Salagou is a strange place, an artificial lake that supplies the water for a lot of the area, surrounded by round hills - some of which are clearly slag heaps, and some natural. Parts of the lake (which is huge) are touristy, but there are some quieter spots like this one.

Later we came home, and i did some more iPad paintings. Slightly obsessed by these at the moment. One of horses, one of a white bull in the desert (chased there after mauling Tommy Steele to death), one of Buffy by the lake, one of a duck and one of some Rats - another Syd Barrett inspired one. Avoiding the Effervescing Elephant at the moment - done it before, many years ago.

White bull in desert

Buffy at Salagou



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