Thursday, 14 June 2012

Olympic Gymnastics, Let's Go - A dilemma

Artistic Gymnastics
So this painting got entered into the Outside The White Cube olympic competition. And got accepted, which is nice. However, when I submitted it I didn't think of one thing - how the bloody hell am I going to get the damn thing to London? It's a monster: 180x120cm. Courier charges are over £100, and that doesn't guarantee it being delivered when it's supposed to be, and doesn't include the mile of packaging needed. Jeez, what to do. It occurred to me that I could drive our van to London for a cost of £300 - but then there;'s the getting home again - another £300. So that's only feasible if I can split the costs with someone who needs stuff delivering either/both ways. Hmm. Got about 4 weeks to figure this out! Any ideas welcome.

In the meantime,. here's a new one, which I've called "Let's go" for a whole variety of reasons. Back to my more Pollocky abstract expressionist type of thing. No apologies - I sold one of these earlier this week.

Let's go

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