Friday, 8 June 2012

Here Lies Love

I've appropriated a David Byrne song title for this painting. "Here Lies Love" was a collaborative concept album made with Fatboy Slim and some others. I like some of it.

Here's some of the lyrics:

The most important things are love and beauty
It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor
To prosper and to fly, a basic human right
The feeling in your heart that you’re secure
Is it a sin to love too much?
Is it a sin to care?
I do it all for you
How can it be unfair?

Kind of weird that this is all about Imelda Marcos. My painting has nothing to do with Imelda Marcos. I have nothing to say about her at all. I am sure I have views - I do on most things, bio matter how little I know about them, but this painting isn't about that.

Here Lies Love

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