Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Some new paintings

Yes I did say "some". I keep forgetting to have my camera with my at the atelier, so it all happens at once. First are three little ones that I've called Phidelity 1,2, and 3:

Phidelity 1

Phidelity 2

Phidelity 3
The first two are square 30x30cm, the third a mere 24x18cm. I wanted to try producing small abstracts, using the kind oif colours and symbolism I have been using recently. It's quite hard to make small canvases not look overworked.

Not too sure about these - especially no 3. Still thinking about them. They look better on the wall.


I'm more pleased with these two - called "Strand" and "Suspicious", They are slightly larger - 55x33cm and 46x55cm respectively.

Finally a bigger painting that I am definitely happy about. "Blue Velvet" - 81x116cm. For those that are interested in these things that's a 50L on its side. French sizing. I'm finding new things in this painting as i look at it - which i think is a good thing (!)
Blue Velvet
In other news I've sold a big painting today for a decent amount of money. So to celebrate I've booked myself in on Thursday to get the tattoo done:

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