Monday, 12 September 2011

Personality Crisis (#100) - Last Hurrah!!

So, to the 100th blog entry on this site: two new paintings - Personality #1 and Personality#2. Same size - 56x45cm. In fact these were a different pair of paintings of Les Matelles that didn't work, so I have painted over them. There is a third, but that didn't work either, so it will be painted over too. This is my new way forward - painting over old things I don't want to keep. I've photographed everything anyway, and I have begun to realise that if there are paintings hanging around my studio that I don't like, the best thing to do is paint over them. A few more on the agenda. It saves money on canvas too!

And why a last Hurrah? Well I'm going to keep my atelier, but the gallery will close in two weeks time and be reborn as Kitty's Tack Shop . A new family venture. So while I'm painting in the back the front end will be selling horsey stuff.

But for the last/next two weeks come and visit and see an exhibition at Matelles-Art of my more recent abstract work. From October it'll all be around the back!

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