Thursday, 1 September 2011

New Provence Alp Paintings and an abstract exhibition in London

This is going to be a big post. First, some recent work. Two paintings I have been working on for a little while. The idea was to take the way I have been working on abstracts broadly related to the figure and apply it to landscapes. I started these about 3 weeks ago, but finished them only this week after returning from our holiday in the Provence Alps. I won't go on about the holiday, suffice to say the place was fantastic in so many ways, and I may be doing some art holidays there in the as yet unspecified future. More on that as it develops. But it was a beautiful place with inspiring views: I love mountains, and this was perfect - just on the first lower edges of the alps, in the midst of small mountains (up to about 1800 metres) with in the distance giant peaks appearing as the day developed. The colours were amazing, and ever-changing as the light changed. Just beautiful. Well here are the paintings - a sort of vertical diptych I guess, so I'll show them that way. Both are 1.5 metres by 0.5 of a metre:

These aren't the best of photos I have taken of my work, given that they are done with my iPhone, and could be a bit sharper - but I think they are clear enough.

Meanwhile I am taking part in an exhibition thing in London in October - it's the second Parallax Art Fair, organised by Barlow Fine Drawings. Not sure what will come of it but for more information see the website here. And below is an invitation. Actually if you want to go to one of the private views you have to get put on the invite list, To do this you have to email My work of course appears in the first 14-16 October section for abstract artists. Hope to see you there!

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