Wednesday, 25 August 2010

RedBubble, Exhibition...

RedBubble is a fantastic site in terms of what it does - its ability to host so much artwork, and to sell it on to consumers. But some of the people on there in their groups are a little bit strange - it seems I upset someone there yesterday beyond any rational way I can comprehend. What the ...?

Anyway, I gave some new work up there, so here's a link: . This is one of a couple of pictures of Les Matelles which will feature in the exhibition, open to the public from September 11th. The date may have other resonances for you (especially if you are from New York or Chile), but for me it's my (late) mother's birthday. She would have been 84. Here's some stuff about my mother:

Anyway - here's the new poster for the exhibition. If anyone wants to know why it's in French (believe it or not someone did ask me this) it's because it's in France...

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  1. You did cause a major uproar, and it made for some interesting forum reading! I like the exposure on RedBubble, but it does seem that you have to put your time in socializing to get anywhere.