Wednesday, 1 September 2010

New work, selling, preparing

So did i sell a piece of work today for 900$? It seems so but I am an untrusting soul, I won't believe it until the cheque's cleared by the bank - and THEN I'll send the painting: this one below:
Pic Saint Loup - Raptor

On tyhe other hand I did definitely sell a giclée print for 30€, which is nice, and yesterday sold a framed cat drawing for 30€ too.

So I've definitely made 60€ this week.

As for the picture on the left, at least the whole thing has caused me to reflect and to come up with a 'terms of sale' which makes it absolutely clear - no money, no picture.

Have also done some new work, which you can see at RedBubble .

Slightly different, but I'm pleased with it. Meanwhile I have to start preparing for the show, which starts at the end of next week...

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