Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Art on-line

My work is non line at facebook, RedBubble, MySoti, ArtWanted, another one I've temporarily forgotten, and not least, my own website at If you look up artists websites on google, you can see the incredible number of 'websites for artists' - some offering 'free' sites (some advertising) some asking for money to host your information. It's a complete mess for all artists, and for anyone looking to find an artist of their work.

My personal favourite is RedBubble, because it's free (they'll sell your work and take a cut), and because it's simple to use. Uploading your work is easy, and it looks good. MySoti is a pain because it is harder to upload (and really they're a T shirt site) and their ability to supply promptly is not good, artwanted want an annual fee AND it's hard to upload..

So I took a look at 'Writers and Artists' and found there's EVEN more than I thought. Look out for my next new website - might as well upload everywhere!

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