Friday, 20 March 2015


I am doomed, you are doomed. 

Let me be clear, you are doomed because I have learned how to do blog entries straight from my phone. Which will mean, I would guess, more frequent blogging, but shorter entries in general. Well to be fair I haven't written too many essays recently any way.

I am doom because of my back. I "put my back out" a month or so ago. Lugging wood for our lovely house- warming wood burner. Except it turns out the damage is a little bit more severe (understatement). Four slipped disc plus one herniated disc sticking out 14 mm straight into the nerve in my back. I'd borrow the model the doctor showed me if I could to illustrate this but there you go. In all it means while I await surgery I am taking a vast quantity of necessary pain killers and am thus mostly smashed. My painting series of oil portraits is on hold as I have the concentration level of a goldfish, but am tring to splash a few bits of non sense de on canvas and silly ipad drawings. also watching an incredible quantity of shit TV. 

Worst of all I have spent the last 3 months organising my dad's memorial - which takes place next Wednesday. And I won't be there. As my doctor said yesterday, I am stuck in Bize-Minervois for the next few months. There are worse places to be be,  current morning diet below. 

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