Sunday, 22 March 2015

Art Scams and Silly Emails

I've written about this before, and there are some relayed resources about art scams on the internet for example: http://www.artscams.com,, and scams range from people trying to "Buy" works of art that seem to involve you repaying them for their "Overpaid" postage, to people trying to sell you space on their gallery walls for ridiculous amounts of money, or pages in their books or their non-existent "consultancy" support.

But I have to say the most inexplicable and stupid email I've received today was this:

On 22 Mar 2015, at 14:59, derek thomas <> wrote:

Hi,Am Derek Thomas, i will like to place an order from your store for my daughter wedding gift,but i will be glad if you can list some of the artwork you have for sale with the prices,also my only method of payment is by Bank Check.So, i will be glad if you can email me for more details like the names and the prices you have for sale,once again my only payment method is by Bank Check for serious seller.      Waiting for your reply.        Thank          D.Thomas

I'm quite happy to give his email address - because I tried it and it doesn't work, which is off, because this prevented me from sending him my latest list/email telling him to fuck himself, and to add the most bizarre fact - the email address appeared not to be addressed to me at all but to: "john@powe******".

I don't know who he is but I wonder if he got an email too? I haven't included his full email address above because I assume that he, too, is an innocent victim.

Given the amount of pain killing drugs I am currently on I'd say I imagined the whole thing if I didn't have the email in front of me. Ah well. A picture:

Just a quick update, I have now received an email from someone with a similar bad scam:

Greetings .Am Sally Michael,Am interested in buying artworks from your esteemed organization for my new apartment and you still have for sale and i will be glad if you can Send me recent art work you have for sale with the asking prices,also my method of payment is by (BANK CHECK) as means of payment.Kindly email me some of the artwork you have in stock with the name and prices now.Looking forward to an early response.Regards,Sally Michael

I have emailed he to ask if she is related to Derek Thomas...

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