Saturday, 5 May 2012

A twopenny halfpenny or two penny farthings?

A couple of years ago at the Ganges 1900 festival i took these photos:

Some time later I painted this picture, called "Penny Farthings":

Anyway, I was never really satisfied with it. It wasn't technically good enough, the composition wasn't satisfying, etc. so I put it aside. A couple of weeks ago I got asked to take part in this years' Ganges 1900: as a street painter. There will be a few of us, and we get to show off our work in the streets and in the shops in Ganges for a month after, and we get a free meal - so it all sounded good to me! Anyway, I took out the penny farthings painting again, and started doing more to it. This is where I am up to:

Better, I think. BUT I am thinking of cutting the painting in half and rest re-stretching it into two paintings like this:

Which is kind of back to where I started. perhaps I should change them into black and white photos?

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