Thursday, 3 May 2012


On sunday we spent the day flogging bubble swords and t shirts at the "Fète Médiéval" which happens every year in this village. I've uploaded pictures of it before on this blog that you can see here. I guess we did ok, selling more t shirts in previous years - which is nice (want to see what they are like?: Go to my little market shop) . One of the downsides of the day was that a mirror got smashed (by my wife I should quickly add, pointing the finger appropriately). But since every cloud has a silver lining - or at least every mirror does (see what I did there?) - I decided to use the smashed mirror shards in the paintings I am working on currently. And here's the first one finished. Originally I decided to call it "Reflections".

Reflections 1 (100x100cm)

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