Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Painting abstracts - this is where it leads

So the transformation continues. iPad sketches inspiring new paintings. New styles. I feel very comfortable with this at the moment. Painting abstracts is a strange thing. Expressing yourself becomes very important, rather than the technical exercise of making a painting. And this can sometimes lead you down a difficult road for a number of reasons. What is it you want to express? Is it pure emotion? Is it an idea? It is easy to get lost in either of these and what appears on the canvas is not necessary satisfying in any way at all. You have to be aware of composition, colour and light. And the danger of being over aware of that is to end up with over-constructed paintings - that can be little more than designs or decorations. So the key thing is get a balance - get it right - somewhere between the two - this is when it works. When you see an abstract painting that works for YOU it is because the painter has got this right - not always consciously (actually often better when it isn't). Somehow the artist's expression has combined expression, composition, colour so that the paintings just work.

These are my new paintings. I hope they work for you.

Barbie's Dead
mixed media on canvas 60x60cm

Justice Tonight
mixed media on canvas 80x80cm

Time of the Season
mixed media on canvas 33x46cm
These are three smallish new paintings. The titles all come from songs one way or another, for various reasons. You will be able to tell by my signature on the last one that I decided to turn the bottom of the three 90° anti-clockwise from how it was painted. Just decided I preferred it like this. To be honest it wasn't painted in ANY particular way, I turned it several times.

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