Sunday, 15 April 2012

Manifesto for a post-post-modern world

The Vorticists produced a "Manfiseto for a Modern World".  Are we now in a "post-modern" world? No, we're past that (or ought to be), so what we need is a manifesto for a post-post-modern world. Except the best thing about manifestos is the word "Manifesto". Lovely word. A quick Wikipedia search reveals: "Manifesto is derived from the Italian word manifesto, itself derived from the Latin manifestum, meaning clear or conspicuous". Given nothing could be less clear than a manifesto for a post-post modern world (even the sodding title is confusing - But what the hell IS post-post modern?) I think the best thing would be to produce some paintings (which is what Wyndham Lewis should have done rather than printing his objectionable racist tracts).  

Manifesto for a post post modern world (Big Eyed Bean from Venus)
There you go. This painting is 180x120cm and was previously "Big Eyed Bean from Venus" and before that many other things. It may stay like this for a while now it's a manifesto - but I decided not to completely lost the Big Eyed Bean thing - it would dishonour Captain beef heart, and we can't have that.

 (I don't wanna be) The Prisoner 30x30cm
Baby's On Fire 40x50cm

Rock the casbah 40x40
The other three (now completed) paintings from "April Experiments" all have song-related titles (now there's a surprise)  Brian Eno and the Clash. Still working on three more small pictures from the "Experiments"

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