Monday, 10 October 2011

Provence Alps, Saatchi and Parallax Art Fair

Here's the third picture I have done of the Provence Alps. Perversely called Provence Alps 2. The other ones were Provence Alps 3 and 4, and # 1 doesn't exist (because I painted over it).

Anyway I'm quite pleased with this. A lot of work has gone into a small painting that looks like I churned it out in a few minutes.  It is only 22x33cm (L4 for those keeping count). Meanwhile I struggle on with a series of 4 paintings I can't quite get right, as reported in another blog entry using a lot of oil stick.

Provence Alps 2
Secondly the Saatchi drawing competition thing is on line. I have two things to say about this: you get to vote between pictures - they call it a "match-up" - and the whole thing has a "hot or not" feel about it (!) - but actually "hot or not" would be better, because voting between two randomly selected pictures is odd, and will no doubt lead to some perverse results, because there's no "Jesus christ these are both fucking awful" button, or even a "actually I quite like both of these" button, which is a shame. There are some revolting drawing up there too - not just bad (there are plenty of them) but actually really tasteless and revolting, which leads you to vote along the lines of "I'll vote for that one because it is just bad, whereas the other one makes me want to rip my eyes out".  OOps just found the "Skip this" button. I feel a fool.

Enough of that, the key thing is actually to ensure you go on there and vote for my un-revolting picture here:
I need the votes - am currently only in 1075th position out of 2099!!

Finally - if you're in London later this week I hope to see you (as noted previously in this Blog) at the Parallax Art Fair. 

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