Friday, 6 May 2011

Re-revisiting Pic Saint Loup, and other things!

I've been working more on the Pic Saint Loup painting, which has turned into Pic Saint Loup behind a fence. I'm not sure about this.

The colours are ok, but the whole thing is beginning to look like three different paintings stuck together. It needs more work I think.

The difficulty here is one of composition. I've been working for the last few months on smaller views, which involve buildings, so the whole scale issue is different. As well as the lack of right angles, which is why i guess i created some.

This is very different from the other Pic painting I did - which is a small experiment - thick vibrant paint on a ceramic board/canvas thing that I bough in an art shop in New York. It seems to work, but what you can't tell from the image here is how small the actual painting is - about 20x20cm i thing 8 inches square for those who don't get cm.

The other painting I've been working on is an idea of taking the village landscape/abstracts a step further - but in some ways a step less - taking out complex marks and strokes. Using the textures I like, but primarily making the painting with only spray paint - and simplifying the composition a lot. I'm not sure it works completely. Too red?

Finally, I've been doing some giclée printing today for Peter Maher - it took hours because my printer was playing up, but eventually got what he/we wanted. Fantastic drawings of relatives/cousins - i like the Welsh small town image especially but generally these are really great drawings, as you'll see on his site here.

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