Saturday, 21 May 2011

Pictures of Pic Saint Loup on Pic Saint Loup...

Today was the day: showing off my paintings of Pic Saint Loup in the middle of the garrigue to 40-odd walkers hiking up the mountain. This was part of the "Festa-Trail" going on today. The hikers wondering past me and my paintings were on the 17k hike see here for info and some great photos. It was all kind of surreal,but fun - especially as i had to get up at 6.30am to do this, after getting a bit (ok a bit more than a bit) drunk at my vernissage last night.

So at 8am, somewhat hungover, I drove to the car park above St Matthieu to meet Cécile - one of the organisers. I hiked up about a kilometre carrying all my paintings, then I went back to the car and got my equipment - paints, water, canvas etc - and hiked up again. Then I arranged the paintings (as you can see) and sat down and painted.

Several hikers having nothing to do with the Festa-Trail walked past wondering what on earth I was doing having an exhibition half way up a mountain, but mostly they were pleasantly surprised.

At just after 9.30 the Festa-Trailers turned up and seemed to enjoy themselves looking at my pictures and watching me paint, whilst Cécile explained the idea behind having me there, my paintings of the Pic whilst they walk up the Pic. Unfortunately I wasn't listening very hard so I missed the explanation.

Unusually I found myself to be of visual interest, as several walkers took my photograph.

Soon they all walked on, some gripping my cards, wishing me a "bon peintre" whilst I wished them a "bon promenade.

My painting wasn't finished, so i stayed a little longer, but
about an hour later, the sun beating down on my head, I had had enough and was desperate for a coffee, so i lugged everything back down the hill to the car.

Anyway - here's the painting I did:

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