Saturday, 15 November 2014

No more

After a hard summer, working 70 hours a week in BizeArt, autumn has been hard too. My father became seriously ill and died on September 28th. More here, I don't want to write about it in this blog. After returning to France after the funeral I tried to relaunch the shop, but then became ill myself with sinusitis, so gave that up for a week or so. Then I tried again - and I don't think my absence has helped (not that I could help it) but it's been dire - hardly any customers, or even anyone coming in at all. After 5 straight days of nothing I have shut up shop and decided I would be better off painting. All I can do in the shop is make Christmas cards and paint the odd watercolour, which isn't as satisfying as getting active with acrylics and oils. So that's what I've been doing for the last couple of days, working on several paintings at the same time - and here's the first one finished, which I've called "no more":
"No More"
Mixed media on canvas, 70x50cm
We will be selling stuff at Christmas Markets here in France, cards, paintings and stuff - starting tomorrow at Caunes Minervois, and then at various others including Le Somail, St Chinian and of course Bize. I'm going to put info on the BizeArt Facebook Page,  so take a look there if you're interested. As well as selling handmade cards I will of course be selling the new Purple Cat Xmas cards . take a look. I am doing an awful lot for someone not really working...

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