Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Painting again - unfinished

After my recent operation painting was at first difficult because sitting down was hard - and with my current lack of studio and thus painting in my bedroom status, it's the only way I can paint. Which I guess accounts for the calmer paintings in some ways. In my studio I would dance around whilst painting (I know - nobody wants to see that). But before the operation I bought some ply wood from Castorama to experiment with. It's cheaper than canvas, and I like the idea after looking at some of Howard Hodgkin's works on wood at the Tate. So here it is - not finished I think.  I prepped the wood before the op, so it has been waiting for me for some time - a blank piece of wood the other side of the room. Now not so blank. I have masked off the outside of the sheet of ply to leave a natural wood frame. Anyway, not finished I think. But this is what I have now:
Over There
Yeah I think it needs some work when I see it here. So no doubt will change. Not sure it fits together properly at the moment - not sure about the blue area on the left, or the bottom black area with symbols. Well at least I am painting, and unusually showing unfinished work. Am less happy with the frame area than I imagined - partly because the grain only goes one way which means it doesn't look right. I think it's exactly the wrong size. Should have been larger or smaller. This is just too noncommittal. We'll see.

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