Monday, 16 July 2012

iPhone drawings

my daughter took my iPad on holiday with her so I have been unable to draw on it (my arms aren't long enough). Instead I've been having a go at drawing on the iPhone. I've shown one of these already - the red bull in the previous post: but here are some more.

Dog, woman
These are a couple more Chagall-esque type drawings. I think Chagall would have loved digital drawing. Dufy too. There's something about it that lends to that kind of style.

Cat flowers woman


Thought I'd try some modern "plain air" digital drawing - so a café scene and a landscape:

Pic St Loup

Red Bull

Grey Man



Mad dog
And a couple more crazy animals. Am enjoying these.

Mad cat

Fat Wabbit
On the whole, the iPad is so much more interesting: the iPhone is too limiting because of its size - there's just less you can do in such a small space. Oh I am sure there are some people who can manage detailed miniatures, but I find it hard drawing with a stubby stylus on a 3x5cm screen. I'll keep going though. Until my iPad returns in a week or two.

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