Thursday, 16 December 2010

Two new paintings

It's so cold in my studio I am painting wearing loads of clothes under my overalls plus a scarf and a hat. I was trying to paint with gloves on too, but couldn't undo the paint tubes. The dog wants to play all the time too, and the only water I've got to wash my brushes and my hands is icy cold. That's why I've been painting these two pictures side by side for over a week. I can't paint for too long, my hands would fall off. Also the paint takes ages to dry, and using spray paint (which I like to mix in with) is hard because they don't work well when so cold. But on the other hand I'm please with these two:
Bergerie - Chemin des Jasses
This one is called "Bergerie, Chemin des Jasses" - it's based on what I can partly see through my atelier's front door.
Rue de l'Eglise/Rue Droite
This is another Les Matelles piece. based on a view a see every day as I walk from home to the studio. Just past the church, I turn right at the T junction you see.

Unfortunately I now seem to have picked up a bug of some sort and feel like shite!

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